Friday, February 27, 2015

~ taking stock - February ~

Making :  muffins - I made some a couple of weeks ago and they were terrible so I'm trying all sorts of recipes until I get it right! Cooking : trying to cook one new recipe every week - this week it was a soba noodle +tuna dish that everyone liked - a big win Drinking : lots of mineral water - our Feb fast is almost over Reading: the narrow road to the deep north - it's taking a long time Wanting: some new gym clothes Looking: for the perfect place to plant my new rose (she's called Grace - I had to buy her) Playing: words with friends Deciding: that we need some new strategies to cope with Jack's appalling meal time behaviours - he is making meal times no fun Wishing: for some more warm, sunny beach days Enjoying: quiet moments in my house when everyone's at school Waiting: for people to play their turns in words with friends Liking: mint and lavender tea Wondering: how people who have to go to meetings every day cope - I find them so tedious and the "meeting language" makes me so cross Loving: cosy morning snuggles when he asks me all about what has tumbled round in his head all night Pondering: how we got so over-committed after school and what to do about it Considering: a weekend away Buying: a cosy grey jumper for the winter that's coming soon Watching: Game of Thrones - I read all the books last year and am probably the last person to see this but I'm enjoying it (even the gory bits)
Hoping: I can squeeze in a trip to Melbourne soon to see my baby nephew Marvelling: at how sore my quads were this week after one pump class - I hadn't been for 2 months - what happened to "muscle memory"? Cringing: at people who say "pacific" when they mean "specific" Needing:  a massage Questioning: how to engage my students more in class - I think our course is getting a little stale Smelling: a yummy lemongrass and something candle burning in the lounge room Wearing: trackies - and they're so comfortable Following: hardly anyone - I'm cutting down my online time a lot Noticing: the days are getting shorter already Knowing: there are phone calls I didn't make today that I need to do tomorrow Thinking: about basket making - I'm learning how to make one tomorrow Admiring: how well my big girl is settling into high school Sorting: things out slowly - and giving a lot away - I did the
interesting new recipes (not just for muffins) Coveting: a Mandy Renard painting that I spied in a gallery this week Disliking: pretty mail - the snail mail revolution is such a lovely thing Giggling: at the cute kids in assembly who wave at their mums Feeling: like I haven't missed alcohol at all this month - but I'm looking forward to a wine on Sunday night Snacking: on peanuts - it's the salt I love really Comforting: my anxious little boy when he worries about the weather Helping: out in the uniform shop at school - its fun Hearing: snippets from the tv as the Doc surfs through the Friday night options (all bad)